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The Spanish Class Café TM , and the book The Spanish Book for the Spanish Class© are the product of more than 20 years of teaching experience in the classrooms, tutoring, and private lessons to a culturally diverse and multi aged population, including adults from many different fields, young people, and children.

The Spanish Class System TM used in The Spanish Class Café TM is a concise and direct method to learn Spanish quickly. In the classroom, we use The Spanish Book for The Spanish Class©, a small book that contains exclusively what you need to learn in order to be able to carry out a basic conversation after only taking the first level.

Don't waste time and money on big expensive courses that offer you a lot of information spread out through hundreds of pages. This slows down the learning process. You pay more and you take longer to learn the language.

Pay less for more knowledge and learn Spanish quickly with The Spanish Class System TM!

With The Spanish Class System TM you will learn fast and absorb the language better than ever. You will understand the structure of the language so that you will be able to create your own sentences. Using prefabricated sentences, as taught by most other Spanish courses, slows down the process. The Spanish Class System TM will empower you to understand what you are doing from your very first class.

Be in control. You decide what you want to say. We give you the tools. Learn Spanish with The Spanish Class System TM and have fun.

The system that Marta has created gives you the tools to be in control. After just a few classes you will have the capability to build your own sentences and have a basic conversation. This has been the result for hundreds of students and it can be for you, too.

Are you ready to learn Spanish? The Spanish Class System TM is the answer. It is a simple and concise method that will help you learn Spanish in no time.

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For further information about the classes, please contact Marta

    by email: marta@thespanishclasscafe.com

  or call: (206) 406-1251

Our classes are small and spaces are limited.

All classes are held online via Skype.

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